LDS was founded in 2003 by a group of linguists and engineers who strive to provide the best translation and transcription services to customers in industry, government, media and academia. We strongly believe that putting the right people at the right post is the key to ace services to our client. To achieve this, we hired a group of very motivated in house experts with training from different fields. These experts are closely-knitted together and can complement each other on a project.

In addition to in house experts, we also have more than 1,000 contract translators at our finger tips who can be easily reached via email or phone. All these translators are certified (unless the certification of the language pair and direction isn't provided by ATA or other certification institutions), they have many years of experience with their language pair and specialized fields, and most important of all, they've all passed our rigorous test.

The same is true of our transcribers, who are hand picked native speaker of the language they transcribe, and very familiar with their work domain, let be news, medical, or pop culture.


We have about 40 computers, including PCs and servers running Windows, MacOS and Linux. All our data are backed up on a daily basis both onsite and offsite. All our computers are loaded with the latest software which enables us to do our work efficiently.

Our Chinese transcription center has additional 150 computers and other analog/digital equipments for converting and transcribing audio and video off different media, including audio tapes and VHS.

We employ many state-of-the-art computer software to boost our production and improve the quality of the data that we produce, this includes management software, translation software, knowledgebase, speech recognition software, and proofreading software.