New Web/Email Server (07/14/2017)

LDS moved its web site to a new server which allows more bandwidth, better security, less down time, and a lot more features including better spam control and webmail.

A week long test run shows that the result generally meets and in some areas surpasses our expectations.

Users of the LDS web are encourage to report any problems to LDS.

LDS' Translator Database Sees Rapid Expansion(01/30/2017)

Thanks for the booming business in several key areas and good relations with the freelance translator community, LDS is drawing more translators to its already large translator pool. The number of translators registered with LDS sees a 27% increase in 2017.

Chinese Transcription Center Revamped (01/15/2017)

LDS' Transcription Center sees a major face lift. More than 200 square meters of space is added to accomidate more transcribers and managerial personnels. A total of 44 new computers is put into the new space, enough to provide work space for 60 full time and part time transcribers.

In addition, one third of the existing computers were replace with newer and faster computer models.

Two new computer servers were also put into place to allow faster intranet access and better backup.

LDS' Chinese transcription center is responsible for transcription of thousands of hours of audios and videos.

LDS to Provide Services in Major Indian Languages (10/22/2017)

LDS is expanding its services to include major Indian languages, including Hindi, Bengali, and Urdu. The translators the LDS has signed up with including the most experienced in the field residing in the US and UK, and the top notch translators in India and Parkistan.