scienceScientific and Technical Translation

Scientific and technical scripts are one of the most challenging area when it comes to translation, simply because in most cases the subject areas are so different from one experiences in everyday life, and a great deal of serious training is required to understand the source text, let alone translating it.

The difficulty also lies in the fact that most people working in the scientific/technical areas acquire the technical terms in one language, instead of both. For instance, one who goes to college in China is more likely to do most of his publications in Chinese, and one who is educated in the US is almost certain to publish in English, instead of Chinese. People who have been exposed extensively to two languages in their working area are very difficult to find.

It’s easy to understand that finding the right person is the key for translating scientific and technical text. And we know how.

As an example, in a recent project, we were asked to translate large amount of semiconductor journal papers from Chinese into English. These are all cutting-edge research works that just came out at the time of the project. The text is so new and so difficult that it’s challenging to understand it even for a researcher in the subject field, translating it into accurate and fluent English is only more challenging. We figured that the only people who can do this job are those who had completed some post-graduate work in China, AND had serious publications in Chinese, AND have completed post-graduate research work in the US or are in an advanced stage of finishing their Ph.D. degree. Because of our connections with many sectors, including academia, we were able to find enough those qualified translators in the US, and with the help of native English speakers familiar with the subject field, we were able to produce very high quality translation of the rather difficult text, and our client is very happy about it.