Transcription Services

We provide professional and confidential transcription service of audio and video recordings in many languages, including Chinese, Arabic, and Hindi. Our transcribers are among the best trained in their subject field; they are the most responsible people among their peers and they go to a great length to perfect their work. The quality control procedure we put into place further help us to cut down transcription errors to the minimum.

We offer two kinds of transcription services - verbatim transcription (simple word for word transcription without additional markups), and advanced transcritpion service with additional annotations, such as speaker inforamtion (age, gender, dialect), timestamps, utterance/sentence boundaries, speaker turn boundaries, story boundaries etc.

If we can meet the stringent requirements of the linguistic researchers, we can meet yours! The advanced transcription is catered to the linguistic research community. With thousands of hours of audio transcribed each year for the research community, we're proud to be the world largest transcription provider for linguistic research community.

The following is the areas that we had work on. We're always eager to venture into new areas, and we're proud to say that with a dedicated team of talented people, we've been sucessful to meeting our clients' ever changing needs. So drop us a line even if your area isn't covered by the following list.

  • TV/Radio Shows and Programs
  • Medical Dictations
  • Courtroom Discussions
  • Conference, Seminar and Workshop Proceedings
    Business Meetings, Panel Discussions
    Focus Group Discussions
    Interviews, Speeches, Lectures
    Teleconferences and Conference Calls
    Press Briefings, Media Availability
  • Air Traffic Control Conversations

Our computer systems can read any popular digital audio/video format. We also can work with analog formats such as audio tapes and VHS tapes.